"Yellowstone" Season 1 Recap: Essential Information to Know Before Season 2 

In Yellowstone Season 1, John Dutton's primary goal is to salvage the Dutton ranch and unite his family to uphold their legacy as he nears death.After his brother Lee passes away,  

Kayce goes to the Yellowstone and lets his rage get the better of him while he battles to keep the ranch safe for his son's future. 

After switching sides, Jamie decides to run for attorney general. However, his campaign interferes with his work on Yellowstone, 

forcing him to make a choice that could ruin his father's reputation.

Longtime viewers of Yellowstone are eagerly awaiting the second half of the fifth and final season to stream on Netflix, 

but new viewers have also had the pleasure of learning about the series for the first time thanks to CBS, 

which has committed to presenting the neo-Western in its entirety. 

The Taylor Sheridan-created series is only available for streaming on Peacock due to an odd streaming agreement that was struck before the launch of Paramount+, thus the show's new life on network ,

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