"Yellowstone": Is Kevin Costner Coming Back? 

Paramount is moving on while the purported beef between Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the series, 

and Kevin Costner, star of Yellowstone, continues. Previous tidings regarding the popular western ,

drama's apocalyptic setting cautioned that the star would not be coming back following the conclusion of Season Five. 

As of right now, fresh details about Paramount's intentions to complete the series have raised more questions than they have answered.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Yellowstone Season Five's last episodes will air in November 2024. 

Soon after, there will be two spinoffs, one set in 1944 and the other in the present. Although it's wonderful that Season Five will now air for the duration, 

the announcement leaves open the question of whether Costner will return to play the patriarch of the Dutton family. 

During his divorce proceedings, Costner made his first comments regarding the show when he stated in his evidence that he will "probably go to court" over the turmoil surrounding Yellowstone.  

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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