Within Colorado's policy shift that drove Deion Sanders' reconstruction efforts

Colorado's Boulder: The chancellor of Colorado gave some significant news with the gathered group of alumni and supporters 

 of the institution only seven minutes before Deion Sanders walked the stage for the first time as the new head football coach.

At Sanders' inaugural press conference on December 4, Chancellor Phil DiStefano stated, "We're revamping some of our transfer credit approval processes."

Then he was cut off by a chorus of applause, as though he had just declared the Colorado football programme free.

A regulatory modification known as the "pilot programme for transfer credit review" made it simpler for athletes to transfer there from another four-year university. 

Football players have used it more than any other student group, proving that it's not only for athletes, according to statistics gathered by USA TODAY Sports. It isn't even near.

And other than the employment of "Coach Prime" himself, it may be the main reason the football programme improved so rapidly. 

Even a historically unparalleled roster change in college football history was spurred by his recruiting of dozens of transfer players. However, did the university as a whole benefit from the policy change?

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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