Within 24 hours, a blockbuster NBA transaction is anticipated.

Summer 2023 is calm thus far. With a month till the new season, there has been no progress  

except for a few teams with dissatisfied players. However, something major is coming soon. 

League insider John Gambodoro told Arizona Sports 98.7 that the summer's biggest deal is "imminent" and may happen within 24 hours.  

"He predicted Damian Lillard will be dealt soon. "I expect a Damian Lillard trade within 24 hours or so." 

We all know the Lillard trade has been blocked for weeks, and with the NBA season approaching, both sides seem stuck.  

Most fans and pundits expect Lillard to start the season in Portland, but this recent update raises questions. 

Gambodoro reported a third prospective trade partner, the Phoenix Suns, unlike earlier Lillard stories. Gambo commented,  

"If Nurkic was on the table I would be surprised if the Suns didn't look into it because an argument could be made that is an upgrade for Phx."  

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