Why The Marvels Bombed At The Box Office

– Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, once riding high on the success of "Avengers: Endgame," is facing a disappointing year in 2023.

– "Endgame" was a massive two-billion-dollar success, but the current state of Marvel Studios is far from its peak.

– Controversies surrounding poor VFX working conditions have added to the studio's challenges.

– There is a general sense of apathy and indifference towards the franchise's Disney+ programs.

– A string of uninteresting cinematic releases has contributed to the declining reputation of Marvel Studios.

– "The Marvels," the latest cinematic release, has had a disappointing box office debut.

– Deadline reports the film's debut at anywhere between $47 to $52 million, a poor start for a project with a reported budget exceeding $200 million.

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