Why Does Keanu Reeves' Constantine Need a Reboot Rather Than a Sequel? 

These days, when someone mentions John Constantine, the talk invariably seems to center around one of two characters: the blonde,  

trenchcoat-wearing character that appears in the DC Comics universe, or the very similar-looking version that appeared on the CW series Legends of Tomorrow. 

It is not surprising that this form appears most frequently when searching for the imaginary entity online, 

given that this paranormal-centric persona is charismatically cutthroat, anti-social, 

and violent (when necessary). People simply adore a caustic anti-hero (just have a look at Deadpool or Spawn, to illustrate). 

On the other side, the 2005 big-screen version of Constantine split the comic book community. 

Many applauded the ridiculousness of the spiritual extravaganza, citing the film's portrayal of a hell that resembled a scorching day in Los Angeles, 

while others praised the production value of the angst-filled angel versus demon picture,  

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