While performing, Taylor Swift shattered her glittery footwear and handled it expertly. 

After breaking a heel during a "Eras Tour" performance this week, 

Taylor Swift was forced to stand on her tallest tiptoes.Swift stumbles during her performance in Rio de Janeiro, 

Brazil on November 20 and looks to take something out of her shoe and toss it away in a fan video that has been making the rounds on X, 

the former name of Twitter.Swift had to perform on tiptoe in another video that X user @netobraaz posted since ,

she was standing on stage with one heel of her glittery stiletto boots completely missing. 

Swift appears to have lost the entire crimson sole of her Christian Louboutin footwear in addition to her heel .

Another fan photo of Swift that has been making the rounds on X shows her sitting with her feet up, 

exposing the inner workings of the shoe as the whole bottom is missing. Swift undoubtedly handled the shoe incident like a pro, 

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