Which American City Is Right for You Based on Your Star Sign?

Aries, you're constantly on trend. While others flock to famous metropolitan places, you prefer hidden treasures with equal access to nature and busy nightlife.  


Taurus loves slow living. You dislike city life. As the gourmand of the zodiac, the food and drink scene must be considered while picking a place to live.  


Gemini, you're charming and friendly. You adapt well to new surroundings as the zodiac's chameleon. You need a city with lots to explore since you adore adventure.  


Cancer, you're vibey. If it feels right, you choose your best buddies or dinner. Same goes for home cities. 


NYC is the best place for your outgoing attitude, despite the cliche. There's a reason the world's biggest entertainers and artists come to this cultural hub to make their imprint on the creative capital of the country.  


You enjoy order, but you're not boring! You just enjoy efficiency. Thus, cities with good public transit, sensible infrastructure, and public good thrive. Washington D.C.  


Libra loves equilibrium. Some days you want to be the center of attention, while others you want a quiet night in with pals. Your ideal lifestyle lets you accomplish both without feeling like you're missing out when you're a homebody.  


Scorpio, you enjoy the eerie. You're an inquisitive water sign who likes to explore relationships and your hometown. 


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