When 'Lawmen: Bass Reeves' Episodes Drop 

Fans of Yellowstone may have to wait a while to see their beloved Dutton drama on television again—Paramount recently revealed ,

that the popular program won't air its final episodes until November 2024—but there is good news for those ,

who are itching for more Western action in their lives. Lawmen: Bass Reeves, the newest original series from Paramount+, 

promises to fill the huge void in our viewing schedules with plenty of gunslinging awesomeness.starring David Oyelowo as the renowned law enforcement ,

officer who went on to become the first Black US Marshal in the western United States. 

The episodes "will bring the legendary lawman of the wild west to life," according to the official synopsis, 

marking the first season of an anthology series. According to it, 

Reeves, known as the greatest frontier hero in American history, 

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