When Is Taylor Sheridan's "6666" Coming Out? 

The fifth season of Yellowstone will conclude in 2024. Naturally, with Kevin Costner out of the picture, 

the details of the flagship series remain unclear; nevertheless, Taylor Sheridan seems to have already focused on another important offshoot, 

which should be just as successful as 1923 (with 1883 garnering some positive reviews from viewers). 

That would be particularly true if Sheridan could match Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford for star power. 

What's the scoop on 6666, and when can we expect Season 1 to premiere?Outsiders may mistake Sheridan's 6666 for a horror show about possessed cowboys, 

but that isn't the case. Rather, the focus of this upcoming spinoff (one of many) will be the imaginary cowboys from the actual 6666 Ranch, 

often known as the "Four Sixes," which is located close to Guthrie, Texas. That vast ranch, 

which covers an area twice the size of Chicago, is really owned by Sheridan thanks to a recently announced $200 million deal that included investors who presumably like the Yellowstone brand.

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