How did Olivia Dunne get famous?

Even while Dunne has achieved intellectual and athletic All-American status, it would be incorrect to ignore the fact that the majority of her supporters are more drawn to her attractive appearance.

Her crazy admirers would react when they saw how clearly she leans into this kind of style video,

as is evident from a cursory glance at her TikTok page. She plays to the numerous internet admirers who feel "in love" with the producer of many of the videos she posts, rather than making content relevant to the sport.

That has put the LSU team in a few awkward circumstances, to be sure. 

LSU had to bolster their security presence at the events after, at least once, being confronted by a rabble of insane fans.

Despite all of that, the 20-year-old native of New Jersey has managed to turn her popularity on social media into financial benefits, which has enabled her to plan for life after gymnastics. 

Dunne's popularity on TikTok is just increasing as time goes by. As of Tuesday, April 11, she had over 7.4 million followers on TikTok thanks to her rapid ascent on the social media platform.

Dunne's net worth is reported by some sites to be about $2.3 million, while On3 NIL places it closer to $3.3 million. 

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