What Does Lavender Brown Become in Harry Potter?

Lavender Brown was a fellow Gryffindor and frequently appeared in situations alongside Hermione, Ron, and Harry.

But up until Harry Potter's sixth book, her character was frequently ignored. 

When Lavender Brown dated Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, her role was abruptly thrust into the spotlight. 

Hermione Granger suffered from jealousy during the brief romance between the two

which ultimately led her to confess her affections for Ron.

But after Lavender and Ron's brief affair ended, Lavender's character is seldom ever brought up again.

Lavender was present at the famed Battle of Hogwarts, which took place during the Golden Trio's final year at the Wizarding School, as fans of Harry Potter may recall. 

Many important Harry Potter characters, including Remus Lupin and Fred Weasley, perished in the Battle of Hogwarts

even though Harry eventually defeated the Dark Lord as a result of it.

Kathleen Cauley, Jennifer Smith, and Jessie James each played a different version of Lavender Brown throughout the film.

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