Which zodiac signs will have the most difficulty on November 1, 2023? 

If we have 99 problems, we may reasonably presume they are all related to inner conflict. 

That's because the transit of Moon square Neptune will be hovering overhead on November 1, 2023, 

While you don't want to be the ultimate downer today, you're not quite ready to accept that it's truly Fall  ,

and that it's truly the season for the kind of mirth that you simply don't have in you right now.

What do you do on November 1st when you have nothing to complain about? You make an extra effort to locate something. That is how the Moon square Neptune affects your psyche. 

The first of November simply reinforces the notion that you haven't ,

accomplished anything... and it's already the end of the year. Sure, you haven't done nothing, 

but that one project you hoped to do by now is still in Nowheresville. 

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