Victor Wembanyama leads the San Antonio Spurs to a victory over the Houston Rockets, earning him his first NBA victory. 

During the first week of the NBA season, Victor Wembanyama has been the center of attention.

On Friday, the 19-year-old rookie did not let anyone down as the San Antonio Spurs overcame a late deficit to defeat the Houston Rockets 126-122 in overtime.

At the Frost Bank Center, the Frenchman concluded with 21 points, 12 rebounds, three blocks, 

and two steals with just 20 seconds remaining in regulation time, trailing his team by two points.

He is the second Spurs player to record 20 points or more and 10 rebounds or more in his first two professional games, according to ESPN's Stats and Information.

Wembanyama, who stands 7 feet 4 inches tall with an 8-foot wingspan, has a skill set that is uncommon in the NBA.

His ability to disrupt the opponent with his long reach throughout the preseason and his debut on Wednesday has already demonstrated why he is expected to be a force on defense in his rookie year.

Wembanyama remarked, "I really, really love winning," according to ESPN. Since it's my greatest passion in life, it feels fantastic naturally.

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