Warriors triumph following the contentiously reversed Draymond Green call.

On the first night of the NBA's new in-season tournament, there was criticism.  

On Friday, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 141-139 on the road, but only after Stephen Curry's  

game-winning jumper was negated due to an offensive basket interference call by Draymond Green.  

With 0.2 seconds left in the game, Curry slipped past the OKC defenders to make a layup as the score was knotted at 139-139.  

Officials called off the basket on offensive basket interference after observing that Green had touched the rim as the ball bounced in the cylinder. This would have forced overtime in the game.  

Giddey was the reason, according to Green, for his careless contact with the rim. He went on to say that official Che Flores   

had clarified that neither Giddey's nor Green's rim contact had any real impact on the s  

After the game, crew chief Mitchell Ervin gave a pool reporter an explanation of the decision, saying that Green's contact with the rim did not result in the ball taking an unusual bounce:  

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