Viewers of ManningCast were driven insane by Aaron Rodgers' audio buzzing out.

There was a lot of excitement going into Monday night over Aaron Rodgers' anticipated appearance on ESPN's ManningCast.w in a difficult predicament. 

In fact, there was so much chatter that it seemed to have spilled over in an unanticipated way during the show.  

The wounded Jets quarterback's appearance as a special guest alongside Peyton and Eli Manning for the 49ers-Vikings   

game on Monday Night Football took a turn when Aaron Rodgers's audio abruptly started to stutter.  

As he continued to attempt to answer in kind after laughing at a Peyton joke, Rodgers' voice became increasingly stilted and artificial.   

However, because to technological difficulties and the ensuing constant buzzing, the four-time MVP ended up driving millions of football fans insane rather than amusing them.  

Fortunately for Rodgers and the broadcast, the issue would be fixed eventually, allowing the concert to continue as usual.  

However, based on how people responded on social media, Rodgers' audio had already done more harm than good by sounding more like a McDonald's drive-thru cashier.  

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