Unofficially, Tom Hiddleston has emerged as the MCU's best actor. 

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in season two (Image: Marvel Studios/Disney+); 

Loki in Thor and Thor: Ragnarok on the left and right (Source: YouTube/Marvel Studios)Aside ,

from being a contributing factor in the term "superhero fatigue," the Marvel Cinematic Universe is remembered for its cast of murderers. 

Whatever your thoughts about the MCU, since its start, it has brought together an amazing array of talent. 

That's the power of Kevin Feige and IP money, huh? With each film, beginning with the 2008 Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr., 

Disney has gathered international celebrities such as Thanos gathering his priceless Infinity Stones. 

Well-known names like Samuel L. Jackson, Angelina Jolie, and Salma Hayek), 

as well as up-and-coming stars like Florence Pugh, Zendaya, and Michael B. Jordan, 

"Age is just a word for living," said Anne Hathaway.

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