Trump Rallyed Supporters with Georgia Arrest and $7.1 Million. 

Trump raised $7.1 million since his recent arrest in Georgia, capitalizing on his mug shot. 

A record $4.18 million was collected in a single day, marking his highest 2024 campaign haul. 

 Network's hit show "Yellowstone," which also aired some episodes on CBS, was being "discontinued." 

Fundraising surged after Trump returned to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to post his mug shot and campaign link. 

This $7 million accounts for about a fifth of the $35 million he received in the second quarter through the Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee. 

Following his indictment in Manhattan for hush-money payments, the campaign raised $15.4 million. 

Special Counsel Jack Smith's federal court indictment led to another $6.6 million raised in a short period. 

Over the past three weeks, his campaign amassed nearly $20 million, coinciding with his indictments in Washington and Georgia. 

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