Trent Williams was not ejected from the NFL after punching an opponent.

An NFL official explains the contentious decision not to dismiss Trent Williams from Thursday's game.

When we have a flag thrown on the field for unnecessary roughness, the officiating department can review Rule 19 video to determine if there is a flagrant action that should result in a disqualification "Anderson said. 

facemask "We looked at the video we had, and we didn't see anything flagrant, which is the standard we use to disqualify the player." The All-Pro finished San Francisco's 30-12 win. 

NFL senior vice president of officials Walt Anderson spoke with Matt Barrows of The Athletic after the game. 

Anderson said that several camera perspectives made it doubtful to dismiss Williams, 35. 

We couldn't establish whether it was a closed fist with a blow, Anderson said. “We couldn’t determine that.”

Williams believes the NFL will uphold this assessment. He said the hit was a "love tap" and doesn't anticipate a consequence. "

"Just mixing it up, man," said Williams. "Many tempers are flaring. The game is competitive, and occasionally things become heated." 

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