Travis Kelce’s Dad Likes That Taylor Swift Supports His Son’s Very Demanding Sleep Schedule

Got the approval seal from dad: done. Thanks to the passionate NFL camera crews, we are aware that Taylor Swift has bonded with Travis Kelce's mother

 Donna Kelce, during the several Kansas City Chiefs games she has attended. Dad Kelce is taking the field now, though. It turns out that Ed Kelce is a fan as well.

"These are two amazing individuals who are supporting and enjoying each other's company,"

Taylor's performance occurred just before 1989 (Taylor's Version) became available on iTunes! *Hides to examine*Taylor said, 

" he remarked, adding that "it is a difficult moment for either of them to be in a relationship.

 He is only knee deep in the NFL season, while she is in the midst of this enormous tour.

In terms of dedication to their craft, at least, he takes his just as seriously as she does.

even in the deepest shadows. With immense gratitude and wonder, I offer you my interpretation of 1989. It was holding out for you. Taylor.

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