Trailer for 'Argylle,' an espionage tale starring Henry Cavill.

Thursday morning saw the unveiling of the first trailer for the highly anticipated spy drama Argylle, which stars Henry Cavill.  

Matthew Vaughn's teaser shows his characteristic slick action sequences and Henry Cavill's unusual hairdo. 

The film's plot is teased in the teaser, which mixes espionage and creativity.  

The handsome Henry Cavill plays Argylle, the film's title character. The amazing Bryce Dallas Howard plays Argylle, a super spy created by reclusive writer Elly Conway.  

Elly's life changes when her latest book is too close to the reality for some real-world spies, who undertake a desperate search for her secrets.  

Elly's cat joins her on this exhilarating excursion, adding whimsy. 

After the success of the Kingsman trilogy, Matthew Vaughn returns to spying with Argylle. Vaughn's irreverent humor  

 which attracted fans in his earlier spy thrillers, is set to shine in Argylle. 

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