Tom Cruise's fans don't believe he has severe rules about where he lives. 

Tom Cruise keeps his family and kids secure by enforcing stringent military precise security procedures in his residences. 

His Bel Air estate is zoned, with staff members only able to enter designated sections.

Before being hired, candidates go through a rigorous testing process and thorough background investigations. 

Superstar Tom Cruise seems to have imposed stringent standards, such as military-grade precision protection, 

on his residences. The action-packed Mission: Impossible franchise is among the many popular movies that the star has helmed. 

At the box office, a number of Cruise's films have brought in over $100 million. 

Tom Cruise has his own set of rules around how certain things must be conducted on set, 

however he disregarded one for co-star Anabelle Wallis. In addition to Cruise adhering to rigid guidelines on his appearance at public engagements,

The OpenAI Board of Directors maintains its decision to force Sam Altman out of his position as CEO.