Tom Cruise Is Verified for 'Mission Impossible' Through Part Thirteen? 

With as many as 13 movies, the 'Mission Impossible' saga, which has made Tom Cruise the face of the franchise, may well go on.  

Recent statements made by Cruise allude to the potential for this successful series to take quite a long time. 

During an exclusive interview with the Sydney Miami Herald, the renowned actor, who is currently 61 years old, 

revealed his goals for the film industry. When considering Harrison Ford's commitment to playing the character for a fifth time in the Indiana Jones series at eighty years old, 

 Cruise voiced a deep sense of admiration."Harrison Ford is a true legend of film. How come I can't do it if he can? 

Cruise pondered, "I have two decades to match his enduring spirit." Cruise went on, 

It's my dream to keep the 'Mission: Impossible' legacy alive till I reach Harrison's age." 

Cruise's unmatched dedication and unwavering enthusiasm in Hollywood suggest that it wouldn't be shocking if he realized this goal.

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