Tom Brady Was Playing for the Buccaneers When He Was Injured Seriously

On his Let's Go! Podcast, former Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady discussed an injury he sustained against the Bills in 2021 and offered guidance to Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Josh Allen and Tom Brady both have experience playing quarterback, but Allen may have an advantage over Brady in one area: the things he can do with his legs outside the pocket. 

In contrast, Allen has developed into one of those dual-threat quarterbacks who can pose a threat to opposition defences. Brady, on the other hand, was never known to be a runner and only used it when absolutely necessary.

On the most recent Let's Go! Podcast edition, Tom Brady invited Allen to join him. The two talked about a variety of subjects, including Allen's ability to run as a quarterback.

Brady said he would want to see Allen defend himself a little better, but he praised Allen for being able to do what he does with the ball in his hands.

In the end, Allen concurred with Brady, but they both know they will stop at nothing to win the game.

Brady brought up the incident during the chat, in which he separated his shoulder after a QB sneak in a goal line situation against Allen's Bills club back in 2020. 

The game proved to be an instant classic, with Brady and the Buccaneers winning 33-27 in overtime.

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