Timothée Chalamet Is Training With Austin Butler’s Elvis Team to Play Bob Dylan

Timothée Chalamet is set to star in two big-budget films in the next six months: "

"Dune: Part Two," which has been postponed until March 2024 due to the ongoing actors' strike, and "Wonka,"

," in which he plays the title chocolatier. However, Chalamet could not help but look ahead to his next big role—as Bob Dylan—in an interview he did for GQ before the strikes struck.

In anticipation of Walk the Line's James Mangold directing the musician's biopic A Complete Unknown,

Chalamet tells GQ that he has been "Dylan-ing hard" these days. He is said to have trained with a squad that Elvis star Austin Butler, 

who co-stars in Dune: Part Two, snatched, and reread Dylan's 2004 autobiography Chronicles as part of his preparation process.

Chalamet went on to commend Butler's commitment, saying to GQ, "I do not know how he would put it, but his journey was different from mine.

 Here was someone who is a little older than me, but generationally we are similar."

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