Rocky, the son of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, has his birthdate confirmed.

For a few days, the new parents were able to keep the birth of baby Rocky a secret.

The full name and birthdate of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's child are finally known.

The celebrity couple welcomed their son, whose full legal name is Rocky Thirteen Barker, on Wednesday, Nov. 1, at Cedar's Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, according to a birth certificate first obtained by The Blast

This information was discovered by Parade nearly two weeks after it was first reported that Kardashian gave birth. 

The newborn's birthday is precisely 13 days before his father's, who has previously expressed his affinity for the moniker Rocky 13, so it's still a little eerie even though Kardashian may not have gotten her Halloween baby as she had hoped!

Since leaving the hospital, neither of the new parents has posted a picture or a health update of Rocky. Insiders, however, claimed that mother and child are doing well.

"Kourtney is ecstatic about her son's arrival," People was informed earlier this month by an informed source. "Her pregnancy took a stressful turn towards the end."

"She is happy to just be able to snuggle her baby boy now," they continued. She is extremely grateful."

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