This season, will Jimmy Garoppolo be released by the Raiders? 

Jimmy Garoppolo is the quarterback on the Raiders' bench. The next concern is whether or not they will cut him before the season ends. 

It is comparable to the late-season decision made by quarterback Derek Carr to put him under wraps last year. 

Before his roughly $40 million in injury-guaranteed compensation became fully guaranteed, 

just after the Super Bowl, they needed him to be able to pass a medical. They made the decision to keep him safe. 

In the end, they let him go.Garoppolo has injury guarantees of $11.25 million, which mature into full guarantees in March 2024. 

He could be cut before the guarantee vests and benched for the remainder of the season. 

Or they might simply cut him right now.Why not give up now and move on? He must be able to enter the facility and practice even if he doesn't play. 

Because of his propensity for injuries, the Raiders might end up having to pay the whole $11.25 million in future guarantees in the event of a rare mishap.

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