The worldwide box office total has now surpassed $500 million.

The film's success is overshadowed by its high budget of approximately $300 million, making it the franchise's most costly entry.  

The film still has a chance to break even and reach the $600 million mark. Fans of the Mission: Impossible

series will probably never understand why Paramount and Tom Cruise did not postpone the release date of Mission: Impossible   

— Dead Reckoning Part One despite knowing that "Barbenheimer" was on the way. The film would lose its large-format screens to Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer,   

while Greta Gerwig's Barbie was on pace to have one of the year's largest openings, putting it up against some difficult competition.   

Were they overconfident because of the positive reviews, or did they believe the picture would survive the one-two blow and recover?   

There's no way of knowing, but Dead Reckoning Part One has already made $493 million globally, despite the packed box office.  

The picture earned little more than $6 million in its fourth domestic weekend, bringing its total to $151 million.   

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