The top garden hoses for 2023

Garden hoses are necessary for correctly irrigating your garden and landscaping, but they're also handy for washing automobiles at home

cleaning dirty bikes and garbage cans, and swiftly filling up backyard kiddie pools. 

 The finest garden hose for you is one that does the job well while being comfortable and easy to use.

We spoke with John Jors, a Florida master gardener and volunteer groundskeeper at the 35-acre Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

In all of our tests, the Dramm ColorStorm Garden Hose was the clear winner.

It's difficult to find a low-cost hose that doesn't sacrifice any feature, whether it's durability, kink resistance, or weather resistance.

This Flexi-Hose extendable hose is a novel option for folks who dislike dealing with long, bulky hoses.

If you require absolute certainty that nothing will puncture or tear your hose, select one made of steel.

If you intend to drink water from your garden hose, the Water Right 500 Series Polyurethane Garden Hose is an excellent choice.

Consider the Flexzilla 100-Foot Garden Hose if 25- or 50-foot hose options are too short for your land or gardening endeavor.

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