The Story of 'MCU' Star Zendaya's $15 Million Net Worth 

Zendaya started her career at Disney, where she starred in series like KC Undercover and Shake It Up, 

which gave her exposure and experience.Her appearances in Spider-Man and The Greatest Showman helped her make the move to the movie business, 

which greatly enhanced her riches and gave her access to wider audiences. 

Zendaya's $22 million net worth has been further bolstered by her career as a model and fashion symbol, 

as well as her position on the popular series Euphoria. Her career doesn't appear to be slowing down.When it comes to movies, 

TV shows, and fashion, Zendaya is without a doubt one of the most talked-about stars! The actress started her theatrical career when she was quite young. 

But it was after she secured a formal contract with Disney to star with Bella Thorne in the popular series Shake It Up that she landed her breakthrough role. 

Despite the short run of the show (three seasons), Zendaya remained a part of the Disney family.

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