The speed of the Flash is killing him and all of DC's speedsters.

His return from nothingness has been marked by rejection, a bloodbath, and almost becoming one with an evil god.  

Things began to improve as he acclimated into his duty as The Flash, taking over after Barry Allan fled Earth. 

Wally, on the other hand, is about to enter a new period with the arrival of a new son.  

The Speed Force appears to have fractured, and the outcome is excruciatingly painful.  

The Speed Force is reacting against speedsters, according to preview pages published by DC Comics and reported by AIPT. 

Max Mercury and Impulse compare it as crashing against a brick wall.  

Meanwhile, Wally is rushing and losing focus as he feels the physical effects of tapping into the Speed Force.  

The comic with Max and Impulse does an excellent job of conveying the gravity of the situation.  

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