The OpenAI Board of Directors maintains its decision to force Sam Altman out of his position as CEO.

After 48 hours of tense negotiations, the A.I. company announced that Mr. Altman would not be returning to his position and that former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear would serve as interim CEO.

According to an internal memo sent to the company's staff on Sunday night, the board of directors at OpenAI, the high-flying artificial intelligence start-up, stood by its decision to fire former CEO Sam Altman.

Emmett Shear, a former Twitch executive, was named interim CEO of OpenAI, succeeding Mira Murati, a longtime OpenAI executive who was named interim CEO after Mr. Altman's dismissal.

According to the memo obtained by The New York Times, the board believes Mr. Shear has a "unique combination of skills, expertise, and relationships that will propel OpenAI forward."

"The board firmly stands by its decision as the only path to advance and defend the mission of OpenAI," the memo stated, referring to Mr. Altman's resignation.

Mr. Altman was fired on Friday. It was signed by each of the company's four directors: Adam D'Angelo, Helen Toner, Ilya Sutskever, and Tasha McCauley.

“Put simply, Sam’s behavior and lack of transparency in his interactions with the board undermined the board’s ability to effectively supervise the company in the manner it was mandated to do,” the memo said.

Mr. Altman's dismissal surprised the tech industry as well as OpenAI's investors, which include Microsoft, Sequoia Capital, and Thrive Capital.

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