The NFL will undoubtedly investigate the Bengals because of Joe Burrow's injury. 

The Cincinnati Bengals (5-5) are already dealing with a major situation with Joe Burrow's wrist injury, 

and things could get worse following the team's loss to the Baltimore Ravens (8-3). 

This is due to pregame video that reveals Burrow's hand to be covered in a brace or sleeve. Many people were speculating about a possible injury after seeing the video, 

which attracted a lot of attention. Others, however, said it was just an iPad glove. 

The fact that Burrow wasn't even mentioned on the Bengals injury report this week is what makes this injury topic so important. 

Thus, the depth of the rabbit hole has increased.The NFL may investigate this as they take their injury reports very seriously. 

After Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith disclosed that star running ,

back Bijan Robinson had experienced a migraine prior to the club's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,

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