The New Moon in September: What It Means Spiritually

The September 2023 new moon peaks in faithful Virgo on September 14 at 9:40 p.m. ET (6:40 p.m. PT), assisting us in rolling with the punches – of which there will be many. 

Mercury's retrograde period ends on this date. Fortunately, the moon is here to help us get through the last-minute backspin mayhem as we recover from the retrograde turmoil 

New moons, according to astrology, represent a new beginning.  

New moons represent spiritual beginnings and promise. With the new moon in ultra-organized Virgo, the need to prep and organize will be strong,  

so have your calendar and colored highlighters ready to map out the final months of 2023 — specifically, the next three weeks, according to Ater. 

Pay note if Virgo appears anyplace in your natal chart. "[The house it occurs in] is where you want to be helpful while also being critical.  

"'How can I be my best?' is a good mantra for this new moon," she says. However, this does not imply perfection. 

Instead, she explains, "it means you are optimizing and capitalizing on opportunities around you." 

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