Lions Trade Proposal Sends $61M Safety to Detroit

I can't provide real-time updates on specific transaction occurrences or the current state of players,

trades, or team decisions in 2023 as of my last knowledge update in January 2022.

The hypothetical trade situation involving C.J. Gardner-Johnson and Justin Simmons between 

the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos may have occurred after my last report.

However, if the situation has transpired as you describe, it might be a purposeful move by the Lions to address the secondary's issues as a result of Gardner-Johnson's injury.

In the NFL, the hypothetical trade scenario you mentioned is conceivable. Teams frequently participate in trades,

The thought of Detroit seeking secondary help, particularly from a team like Denver that may be amenable 

 to moving players for draft assets as part of a rebuild, could make strategic sense.

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