The Jenna Ortega Awards issue 

In honor of her 21st birthday, Jenna Ortega recently had her first tarot card reading. 

"I kept getting cards that were telling me to appreciate the moment more and acknowledge how far I’ve come," 

she explains. "I think I'm going through a really transforming period of time. I've had an amazing year, 

and I'm entering a new phase of my life."In addition to starring in international advertisements for Dior and Adidas, 

Ortega had a "big year" that included appearances in a number of high-profile movies, 

including the most recent installment in the Scream franchise. She was most famously the star of the Tim Burton-directed Addams Family revival Wednesday, 

which went on to become Netflix's most watched English-language program ever. 

Due to the positive reviews for her portrayal, Ortega was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy. 

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