The Greatest Yoga Pose for Sound Sleep

Do you find it difficult to relax your body and mind before bed? Try these easy yoga poses to get a good night's sleep. These yoga positions are ideal for falling asleep.

How frequently does your thoughts race from the day's events and worries about the next when you try to fall asleep at night? You're not alone, and fortunately,

there are many of strategies that can support me before bed (such reading, brewing a hot cup of herbal tea, or keeping a diary). 

Try doing some yoga positions to try to fall asleep if those suggestions aren't sufficient for you to fall asleep.

Try these seven sleeplessness remedies for improved sleep, or go through our sleep guide for additional all-natural solutions.

Like any activity, yoga may aid in mental relaxation and decompression after a long day. Research has indicated that yoga practitioners may have reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The same study found that yoga and pharmaceuticals had comparable effects on depression. 

How will this affect the way you sleep? It has been shown that there is a clear correlation between cortisol levels and sleep quality. When cortisol levels are high,

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