The Director of John Wick's Upcoming Action Franchise Sounds Even Better Than John Wick 5. 

Chad Stahelski's forthcoming Highlander revival could be even better than John Wick: Chapter 5. 

Stahelski made his directorial debut alongside fellow stunt worker David Leitch on 2014's action hit John Wick,  

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with Stahelski solo-directing the following three films in the franchise.  

Stahelski's name has since been associated as director to a number of projects, including a Highlander reboot starring Henry Cavill, which is now officially slated to go forward. 

Despite the supposedly definite ending of John Wick: Chapter 4, work on John Wick: Chapter 5 has begun.  

However, while the John Wick franchise has nearly single-handedly boosted action movies, the possibilities of what Stahelski.

could do with Highlander makes it sound like an even more thrilling idea.  

Furthermore, much of that potential is directly related to Stahelski's work as the director of the John Wick franchise. 

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