The Deion Sanders sunglasses dispute nets the eyewear company nearly $4.5 million. 

"Incomprehensible and unbelievable. Blenders seems to have suddenly taken on a prominent role in popular culture and college athletics. 

The creator and CEO of Blenders Eyewear, Chase Fisher, talks about his hectic week as Deion Sanders' official sunglasses partner. 

Sales have skyrocketed once it became known that Blenders was the manufacturer of the stylish "Coach Prime" sunglasses designed by the football coach of Colorado.

On October 12, the Coach Prime range will formally go on sale. According to Fisher, Blenders has sold between 67,000 and 72,000 pre-orders. Initially, they only intended to sell 16,000 pairs.  

Regarding dollar sales, Fisher declined to comment. However, at $67 per pair, that will generate almost $4.5 million in sales.  

Sales had already topped $1.5 million, according to Sanders himself on television. Fisher acknowledged that the present figure is significantly more important, though.

If Sanders and his 3-0 Buffaloes remain the biggest story in college athletics, if not all of it, it's impossible to predict how many more pairs of sunglasses will be sold.Customers who order this week won't receive their pair until December due to the high demand. 

The "Prime 21" sunglasses, which come in black and gold, are now so rare that Fisher had to borrow one of the remaining pairs from his San Diego headquarters to wear to a Zoom interview on Friday. He is just getting started, along with his Colorado partners. 

The CU Athletics and Sanders, who adores sunglasses, eventually want his Prime Line to provide pregame, during the game, and after the game glasses. Blenders will utilize a portion of the proceeds from sales to expand its network of physical outlets around the nation. There are presently six. Fisher's head shakes in disbelief at the favorable timing of the previous week.

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