The deadline is November 14, 2023. 

The Ferrell Center will host a doubleheader of basketball tonight! The men hit the court against Kansas City at 9:00,  

while the women play a crucial game against #5 Utah at 6:30. The women's game is taking place on Eras Tour Night,

and today's DBR is a special edition in keeping with the theme. For the men's and women's teams, 

I assigned a Taylor Swift song to each player based on their role or team attitude. This is the summary!Like Bella, 

this song is lively and enjoyable! Bella's upbeat demeanor and exuberant play style perfectly complement Taylor Swift's Fearless era. 

Similar to Love Story, JVG has a Fearless period mood and is highly favored by her fans.Catarina is the ideal candidate since she exudes fearlessness and has a gorgeous smile!Austin, 

who is 22 years old, receives this Swift Classic because it's a fun song for a fun person." 

Even though the lights are very bright, they never blind me."Despite being the only rookie on the team this year, Lety isn't letting it deter her. This season, the 6'7 center will undoubtedly make an impression.