The Dark Knight is led to the Abyss in the new Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham trailer.

A new official video for Rafael Grampá's freshly launched Black Label limited series Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham has been released by DC. 

Gargoyle of Gotham is a four-issue, prestige-format, bi-monthly limited series written and illustrated by Grampá that is meant for mature readers. 

The first issue was released earlier this month on September 16, Batman Day. Gargoyle of Gotham #2 will be released in November. 

The latest, frightening teaser for the comic begins with the words, "When you chase your own shadow... it leads you to the abyss." 

Grampá's Gargoyle of Gotham is set in a universe where the Dark Knight has abandoned his life as Bruce Wayne to become Batman full-time.  

"A serial killer is on the loose, and while the murder victims seem random at first, every clue draws Batman closer to the terrifying truth — that they are all connected, 

not just to each other … but to him," according to an official summary of issue #1. "When an all-new rogues gallery of utterly depraved villains begins to emerge from the depths of the city, 

Batman will have to contend with the very nature of evil — including that which lurks inside in the darkest corners of his own heart — to face what's coming for his city." 

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