The Dallas Cowboys are terrifying. Just ask New Yorkers.

The torn Achilles tendon that Aaron Rodgers suffered gave the New York Jets reason to have some hope after the injury. 

Even after suffering the loss of their star quarterback just a few plays into their first game of the season, they were still able to come out on top and defeat a team that was in the running for the Super Bowl. 

Then, the Jets played against the Dallas Cowboys, the one club in the NFL that has appeared to open the year in an absolutely overpowering fashion. 

Following their victory on Sunday by a score of 30-10, the Cowboys have now outscored their opponents by a total of 60 points during the first two weeks of the season.  

This point difference is double that of the team that is now in second place. Following its rout of the New York Giants by a score of 40-0 in the season’s first game, Dallas’ victory was its second consecutive rout of its opponent.

it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Cowboys are successful because they have won 12 games in each of the previous two seasons. The fact that they have been so successful 

over the past few years is one of the reasons why it is so shocking that they made such a significant shift during the offseason. 

They did this in an effort to take the next step and win the storied franchise’s first Super Bowl in nearly three decades. 

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