The Cowboys' game against Ezekiel Elliott serves as a clear reminder of their current biggest offense problem.

The Dallas Cowboys have scored more points than their opponents in 2023, 86 to 38, thanks to their defense and special teams. 

But after their first loss of the season, which was a big surprise because they were favored by 10 points over the Arizona Cardinals, 

the Cowboys' biggest offensive worry is clear: getting points in the red zone. 

Sample numbers are hard to figure out after three weeks, and this one is no exception. The Cowboys and the Chiefs both have 18 trips to 

the red zone, which is the most in the league. Half of the teams have fewer than 10 trips. Once there, though, it's been harder to do well.  

The Cowboys are 27th when it comes to scoring scores in the red zone, as they have only done so six times out of 15 opportunities. 

In the last two weeks, when there have been 11 chances, only three scores have been scored. It's a problem (or an area for improvement,  

"We've been down there enough times to get it done," team owner and general manager Jerry Jones told Dallas radio station 105.3  

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