The Best Beer Brand for Your Zodiac Sign

The UFC-affiliated beer Modelo is perfect for Aries because of their passion for fighting. 

Aquarius: Stella Artois—I'm an Aquarius, so this disappointed me. We're the “star card” and Stella means star in Latin. Lame. 

Taurus: Miller The party sign Taurus represents high life. Why not the beer that lives “the high life”? They enjoy fun. 

Gemini: Budweiser Other than Bud Light, Budweiser has always marketed well. Geminis excel at communicating effectively. 

Virgo: Michelob Ultra.  Because Virgos care about health.  So washed down, Michelob Ultra is termed the “Gatorade of beers.” 

Pabst Blue Ribbon: Libra.  Libras value equality, and factory workers and hipsters enjoy PBR. 

Scorpio: Guinness.  Scorpios are cryptic, and Guinness has kept their trade secrets quiet. 

Sagittarius: Sapporo.  Because you and its creator were adventurous.  He left Japan aged 17 to study brewing in Germany in the 1860s, which was illegal. 

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