The Bengals rule out one possible Joe Burrow comeback scenario. 

Joe Burrow, the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, has already been ruled out for the remainder of the season,  

but coach Zac Taylor crushed one more unrealistic hope on Monday. 

When asked if there was a chance Burrow may return if the Bengals were to mount a strong postseason run, 

Taylor answered in the negative. The coach of the Bengals promptly ruled that out. 

Burrow's wrist injury has no set timeline, but the Bengals have stated that surgery will probably be necessary to finish the season. 

It is difficult to envision Burrow playing in the playoffs in around two months, even in the best of scenarios. In addition, 

the Bengals, starting with quarterback Jake Browning, would need to qualify for the playoffs first.

Burrow completes his season with 10 games played, 15 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. With a 5-5 record and a spot in last place in the AFC North, the Bengals will be in serious trouble without him.

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