Put your brain to the test with these ten optical illusion

How the visual system processes shapes, colors, sizes, etc. has been researched for decades. One way to understand more about this system is to look at how we can trick it, that is, to look at how the brain reacts to optical illusions.

1. Can you put the fish in the fishbowl? 

2. Are the squares inside the blue and yellow squares all the same color? 

3. Are the horizontal lines straight or crooked?  

4. Are the circles static or moving?

5. How many legs does this elephant have? 

6. Are the two horizontal lines of the same length?

7. Do you see gray dots at the intersections of the white lines? 

8. Are the two orange circles of the same size? 

9. Does Lincoln’s face look normal? 

10. Can you see a baby? 


Test your Brain with these 10 Optical Illusions(ANSWERS AND EXPLANATIONS)