Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Movie Success Just Crushed Every Excuse Studios Have In The Strike

The concert film's success The success of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour disproves the notion that large studios are necessary for a film to be successful, 

 demonstrating instead that fans are drawn to films rather than studio executives. Taylor Swift sets an example for studios by paying her employees properly and compensating her crew appropriately.

She demonstrates that treating employees well leads to success and audience support.

Get a Home Loan Instead of a Bank Loan ($25k for $164/month)The fact that Swift's film was permitted to shoot throughout the strikes exposes the studios'

unwillingness to bargain for union members' fair compensation while also showing that compliance with the rules of employment can result in success.

The movie Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has already become an enormous hit, dispelling every studio myth about their inability to pay SAG-AFTRA and WGA members adequately. 

 While SAG-AFTRA members started their own strike in July, the WGA has been on strike since early May. 

Studios have not indicated that they will bargain for adequate wages and other necessary conditions for employees, even after protracted strikes.

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