Taylor Swift wears ’87’ bracelet made by Missouri busine

In JOPLIN, MO Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's excitement is still going strong,

, but now it has a link to southwest Missouri. It has to do with a nearby retail bracelet store.

According to Misha Wilson, co-owner of Erimish, "it is probably one of our most popular style beads."

The bracelet that has been the center of attention lately was seen on pop singer Taylor Swift's wrist at the most recent Chiefs game.

Wilson described the item as a straightforward gold bead with a number and some hearts on it.

 In critical situations, Brock Purdy has performed worse than Joe Montana. The 49ers are currently 5-3 and rapidly losing ground.

However, it is not just any number—87 is the jersey number of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.The owners of Erimish Bracelet, 

failed to score a touchdown against on Sunday. With the exception of a few games, 

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