Taylor Swift fans not so ‘delicate’: Swifties out shake the Beast Quake

Swifties from the Pacific Northwest descended upon Lumen Field last weekend for two nights of Taylor Swift, 

and they might have created more of a stir and shook the ground than the 12s did in 2011 when

Marshawn Lynch broke nine tackles and ran for 67 yards as a member of the Seattle Seahawks

Actually, there was some seismic activity during the Taylor Swift performance;

 a local expert likened it to the resounding cheer in 2011.

 they were able to enjoy being on the floor during the performance, in contrast to all of the Seahawks supporters who were merely watching from the stands.

Along with jumping in unison, fans were attempting to "Shake It Off," something the 12s were not doing.

But it is obvious who won—Taylor Swift, a new Beast Mode member based in Seattle.

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