Tanya Tucker Honors Breast Cancer Survivors and Fighters in a Heartfelt Performance

Earlier this month, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Tanya Tucker headlined an evening commemorating those who have survived.

Those who are still fighting, and those who have lost their loved one to the disease. 

The event was the third annual Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye fundraising event in Middle Tennessee.

The annual event benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation is organized by Tara Joseph, co-founder and CEO of Big Plan Holdings and the Joseph Family Foundation. 

Joseph agreed to participate in any breast cancer awareness event after getting to know co-chair Pam Goodwin on Instagram.

In a recent conversation with iHeartCountry, she mentioned that a number of her friends had fortunately overcome cancer.

After following their path, Joseph remarked, "I said to myself, 'absolutely,' because breast cancer affects so many people—not just women and men, but also the caregivers and others."

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Our little gathering, which we had planned to undertake, quickly grew to be this enormous extravaganza.

We came to the realization that, since it has such a profound effect, why don't we combine the power of music with the strength.

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